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My Last Kiss
by Bethany Neal
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Release Date: June 10th 2014
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What if your last kiss was with the wrong boy? 
Cassidy Haines remembers her first kiss vividly. It was on the old covered bridge the summer before her freshman year with her boyfriend of three years, Ethan Keys. But her last kiss--the one she shared with someone at her seventeenth birthday party the night she died--is a blur. Cassidy is trapped in the living world, not only mourning the loss of her human body, but left with the grim suspicion that her untimely death wasn't a suicide as everyone assumes. She can't remember anything from the weeks leading up to her birthday and she's worried that she may have betrayed her boyfriend. 
If Cassidy is to uncover the truth about that fateful night and make amends with the only boy she'll ever love, she must face her past and all the decisions she made--good and bad--that led to her last kiss.
Bethany Neal's suspenseful debut novel is about the power of first love and the haunting lies that threaten to tear it apart.

Bethany Neal writes young-adult novels with a little dark side and a lot of kissing! She is obsessed with (but not limited to): nail polish, ginormous rings, pigs, pickles, and dessert. 

You can find her locked in her Writertorium for insane amounts of time. But, hey, insanity is fun! My Last Kiss is her first novel.

Oh, come on. You’re really going to torture me like this right out the gate? Okay, well if I have to choose I’m picking a favorite “classic” and a fav contemporary/modern novel. Classic: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald for, if nothing else, Jordan Baker’s one-liners. Contemporary/modern: If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Only 3 months until the movie!!! 

Of all time: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But I’m obsessed with The Killing and The Following right now too; they’re both just so well written. Oh, and Pretty Little Liars. Was I only supposed to say one?

Again with this?! OK, um, Clueless—no, Romeo & Juliet circa 1996. Can I have two? This is hard…

This depends a lot on my mood. Right now it’s "You (Ha Ha Ha)" by Charli XCX (featured in the Vampire Academy trailer). The song’s video is boss too. Check it out here. 

Sour Patch Kids

Who is your perfect fictional boyfriend? Adam Wilde from If I Stay/Where She Went by Gayle Forman (again!). A musical instrument of some sort and minor emotional baggage is vital in fictional boy perfection.

“I will see you in another life when we are both cats.” 
from Vanilla Sky (movie)

So much. Buffy, Zac Efron, Rob Pattinson, Twilight, witches, pigs, puppies, The Following (I’ve renamed Kevin Bacon “The Baconator”), My So-Called Life, 30 Seconds to Mars and relatedly the lead singer/Oscar winner Jared Leto. Also indie movies and sparkles to name a few. 

R.L. Stine. It’s a miracle to me that he’s not only still cranking out new quality kiddy thrillers, but his old titles from when I was a kid are still in print! He’s a rockstar!

I love you and thank you! We all need to get together for a book-themed sleepover…as long as we leave the dystopians at home.

Hi Beth! We are really happy to host you in our FFBC. We are super honored to be co-hosting your blog tour for My Last Kiss with you. 

My Last Kiss is about a girl named Cassidy who wakes up the morning after her seventeenth birthday party dead. Talk about a hangover, right?! She spends the span of the novel trying to figure out how she died and which of her friends fatally betrayed her, forcing her to face all the decisions she made—good and bad—that led to her last kiss. 

I Googled things like: “How long does it take to drown” and “Will a body sink or float after dead” several times. I’m probably on some Homeland Security list somewhere. 

Gracefully stumbling toward overdue redemption. 

Any scene with Caleb in it was a blast. I have a serious soft spot for well-meaning stoners. In particular, the chapter titled Cheater was fun to write. You’ll have to read to find out why! 

Eep!!! Dream come true much? I actually already picked my three leads for a post on YAReads.com, but I’ll share with you guys too since I heart them oh so much. 

Gabriella Wilde as Cassidy Haines (She’d need to dye her hair, but I loved her in Carrie.)

Cody Christian as Ethan Keys (He plays Aria’s brother Mike on PLL, so I really hope he isn’t A!)

Austin Butler as Caleb Turner (The Carrie Diaries may have been canceled, but my obsession with this boy will go on!)

An entire playlist of theme songs will be revealed on Day 11 (Friday, June 6th) of the My Last Kiss Blog Tour over at Lady Reader's BookStuff! But if I had to pick one that best summed up Cassidy’s story it would be "Suggestions" by Orelia. The lyrics are dead on…pun semi-intended. 

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  1. I still haven't had my first kiss :)

  2. My first kiss wasn't great but it wasn't a total disaster either. Got it playing spin-the-bottle

  3. My first kiss wasn't that eventful. Me, a boy, school dance and some bleachers. It was awkward as heck.

  4. A disaster! I hated every moment of it and it was a friend my sports team...me a girl & him a guy... but YIKES! I stayed away from all boys after that for quite some time!

  5. A kiss.. or a kiss-kiss ? ;) Haha, still waiting for it :)

  6. At the time, it was pretty special. Looking back, it wasn't a good situation at all.

  7. It wasn't a total disaster but it wasn't special.


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