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Title: Starbright (Starlight Trilogy #2)

Author: Alexandra Richland

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Release Date: May 6, 2014

Cover designed by: Morwenna Rakestraw of Rakestraw Book Design



For starlet Elizabeth Sutton, it’s difficult to tell which has more momentum: her burgeoning film career, or the growing intimacy in her forbidden romance with notorious Hollywood outsider, Aidan Evans.

When the opportunity to costar in a feature film arrives, Beth and Aidan fight to keep their relationship out of Hollywood’s rumor mill and away from the ever-watchful eyes of Starlight Studios head Luther Mertz, who condemns a union between them and threatens the future of Beth’s acting career.

The pressure mounts as the cameras roll. Beth and Aidan navigate the precarious heights of superstardom while exploring their physical desires in secret. Beth grapples between the debilitating nervousness over her sexual inexperience and her unbridled need for Aidan. Meanwhile, the demons from Aidan’s past he thought forever vanquished linger on the fringes of a fragile inner peace . . .


Starbright is the second book in The Starlight Trilogy, a story of love and redemption set against the backdrop of the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age.


My Review:

I was introduced to Alexandra Richland's writing with her book Frontline. Even though I really enjoyed Frontline, I LOVED her Starlight series. I started the first book Starlight on Sunday afternoon and have spent the last three days absolutely absorbed into this world. I finished the first book late last night and spend all day reading book 2. I wanted to have my review for book 1 up as well, but unfortunately I could not make it in time to do so. But never fear I WILL review the first book later I the day.

As is my custom with the second book in the series, I won't go too much into the detail of the synopsis, but instead focus on the aspects of the book that I really enjoyed. But to get a taste of this story, take a look at the excerpt below and the teaser above.

Before I even get into the plot or even the character development or world building, I must start off with the first thing that made me fall for the story; the amazing writing. The best way for me to explain the writing in this book is to compare it to paintings. There are certain paintings that are meant to be abstract. The painter takes one or maybe a few different color of paint, and completes their image with a few single strokes. They there are those painting that might have taken the artist months to paint with many different colors, layers and dement ions to the painting. And that is how I would describe the style in Alexandra has written this book. She describes everything so beautifully that it allows you to get so engulfed into the story where you feel that you are actually there.

The next aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was the chara6cter development. We got to know Beth and Aiden really well in book 1 - Starlight, and they over came a lot in book 2, specifically Beth. However in book 2 we get to see them grow even more as a couple as well as individually.

I loved seeing how Alexandra wove in the historical aspects, specially as they applied to the golden Hollywood years. Living in California; Los Angles specifically, I always get asked by out of towers about Hollywood. And Frankly Hollywood now a days is a dirty crowded street, with lot of tourists, adults dressed up in costumes and a ton of souvenir shops. I think what most people are looking for when they think about "Hollywood," is the glitz and glamour that Alexandra describes in this book. And it was absolutely enjoyable to read about.

You find yourself getting invested in so many aspects of the book - the characters, the world, and specifically the writing. After reading over 800 pages of this amazing story between Beth and Aiden, I am lost in a haze and really wish I had book 3 to find out how their story continues!
4.5 Stars!!!

 Excerpt from Starbright:


With a shudder, Beth stepped onto the covered front stoop and tapped the brass knocker against the door. Several moments passed without a response. She knocked again.

Still no answer.

Clutching the pie, she walked over to the front window to look inside, only to find the drapes drawn. She peered out at the storm. Should she wait it out before returning home? It didn’t look like it would stop any time soon, though…

As Beth turned to leave, she heard the lock disengage. The front door opened wide. Aidan stood in the entryway, his eyes dilating with the shock that electrified his handsome features. But it wasn’t his face that Beth focused on.

Because Aidan was shirtless.

And wet.

And wearing only a towel.

Now, Beth knew Aidan was in fine physical shape, but she was completely unprepared for her first view of him in the flesh. Suddenly, the idea of an Adonis on Earth, as described in Connie’s romance novel, didn’t seem farfetched at all.

Aidan’s smooth skin glistened with the droplets of water that beaded as they slipped between his bulging pectorals and down his rippled stomach. A faint dusting of light brown hair trailed from his bellybutton and disappeared below the thin white towel wound around his hips—very, very low on his hips.

Beth shivered from the cool breeze and rain, but parts of her burned. Her fingers twitched at the thought of exploring his body with her touch, bathing in the water that collected on his skin, drifting her hand down his sculpted chest to his abdomen…



Thunder exploded in competition with the sound of her frantic heartbeat and the rain pounding the steaming sidewalks and asphalt. Beth jolted from her trance, suddenly aware of her drenched appearance: how her hair plastered to her head and her dress clung to her like swimwear instead of respectable evening attire. Most embarrassingly, how she was ogling her beau in the same manner Betsy ogled Fabio in the book.

But she wasn’t the only one staring.

Aidan’s eyes traveled up her body, pausing noticeably on her breasts before coming to rest on her face. His throat constricted with a hard swallow, his smoldering gaze outshining the lightning that blasted across the sky like fireworks.

Beth worried she’d arrived at the wrong time, although she couldn’t say she regretted it. With Aidan standing half-naked before her, she didn’t need the sweet taste of apple pie. She already had her own slice of heaven.



About Alexandra Richland:

Alexandra Richland spends rotating twelve-hour shifts working as a registered nurse at a Toronto hospital, indulging in her love of science and medicine, and caring for patients with their own unique tales to tell.

When she is not on duty, Alexandra escapes into her own imagination. Therein lies a fantasy world of thrilling adventure, gorgeous men, classic Hollywood glamour, exotic getaways, and a seductive dose of romance. Alexandra captures these stories in her popular novels, The Starlight Trilogy and Frontline, her novella, Slip Away, and her short story, Gilded Cage.

Connect with Alexandra Richland:

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