Review: Beast by Tiffini Hunt


A little boy who lives in a castle spends his days reading, riding horses, and wandering around his family's estate. On his fifth birthday, the boy bids his parents good-bye as they head for a party; he has no idea that he will never see them again. With his parents deceased in a strange accident, the boy attempts to carry on with the help of his servants. But on the one-year anniversary of his parents' deaths, the little boy suddenly transforms into a beast, changing the course of the future forever.

Two hundred years later, the Beast is still not used to his new existence; what's more, he is haunted by bizarre dreams of a beautiful lady. As the Beast attempts to determine whether the woman is real, an elderly man stumbles upon the castle during a storm. When he innocently takes a rose from a vase to give to his daughter, the Beast becomes enraged and shows himself, setting off a chain of events that puts the man amid the Beast's desperate quest for happiness.

"Beast" presents a timeless fairy tale from a new perspective, telling of the beast's relentless search for the enchanting woman he dreams of as he begins to suffer the consequences of uncovering a deadly curse.

My Review:

 Thank you Tiffini Hunt for sending me an autographed copy of her book for review!

The last couple of years there has been an awakening with fairy-tale re-tellings. I have read a few of them and really enjoyed them and when Tiffini contacting me asking if I wanted to read and review her new book Beast, a Beauty and the Beast re-telling I was sold. I have never read the original story and my only exposure to Beauty and The Beast is the Disney cartoon. So I was eager to read this story told from the Beast's perspective. 

First off let me start by saying that even though this book is classified as Young Adult, to me it read more like a middle grade. Reading this book made me replay the cartoon in my head and I had a fun time reminiscing about my child hood and watching my favorite Disney movies. However as a book the first 130ish pages were a little too slow paced without much occurring except for repetition of daily activities.  The second half of the book improved once Maribelle was introduced to the story line. Not only did the plot pick up and become enjoyable, to be honest I also saw improvement in the overall writing as well . I ended up finishing this book in one sitting and even though I can't say that it was an action packed book with an original plot, I can say that I did end the book with a smile on my face and that is enough for me to give it a 3 star rating! 


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