Happy Birthday Patri + GIVEAWAY! :)

When people find out you're a blogger they ask you why you started a blog.
My answer was because I wanted to share my love for books and interact with 
others who loved to read.  Yes, I have met many great friends through blogging. 
But I have never anticipated meeting people who would become like sisters to me.

And that is specifically true for Patricia! 
She is truly like the little sister I never had and someone who I consider a best friend!
To be honest I spend more time talking to her on some days,
then I do my friends who live near me.

We have been blogging for over a year now and decided to join 
The Fantastic Flying Book Club where we have had the privilege of working 
with some amazing authors and bloggers. There is no way I would be able
to host tours if it was not for her. As she is the artist behind all the banners,
giveaway buttons, and welcome post designs.

Happy 22nd Birthday! Wishing you nothing but the best!

Tu Amiga,

And very special thank you to Patri's good friend Rosa for creating
the Happy Birthday Banner for me :) 

In order to celebrate Patri's Bday - I have 3 chances for you guys to win
a $5 amazon Giftcard

And fill out the raffle below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Happy Birthday Patri! Have a great day! :)

  2. Feliz cumpleaños a ti, Patri! Have a nice day.

  3. Happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Patri,

    I don't know how old you are today, but I promise I won't start singing that song too...lol!! Lucky for you, you can't hear my singing!! I hear it's pretty terrible, but I've grown pretty fond of it in the shower!! ;)

    Just messing around on your fun day!!

    Thanks for being a great blogger, tour host, tweeter, facebooker (?) and overall an AWESOME person to chat with!!!

    I hope you have an awesome day, and eat lots of cake, *shh*, I won't tell!!!! :)


  5. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day, week, month etc!

  6. Happy Birthday Patri!!! *throws confetti*

  7. Happy 22nd Birthday! Enjoy your special day :) You definitely deserve it Patri!!!! You are such a mind-blowing website artist and I love participating in The Fantastic Flying Bookclub :D Celebrate and have loads of fun!!!

  8. I hope you have a great birthday!!! I wish I was 22 again!!

  9. Happy Birthday Patri!! I was 22 once but you're probably way better-looking. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Happy Birthday!! Have lots of fun!! :)
    -Cindy C.

  11. Happy Birthday, Patri! I hope you enjoy your day!

  12. Happy Birthday Patri! I hope you have a wonderful day :)

  13. Feliz Cumpleaños, Patricia! Have a great day! :)

  14. Thank you so much to everyone. Specially Anasheh that is beyond awesome I love her so much for this amazing surprise. Love the banners and thank you sooo much for everything you did, Anasheh. You rock and that's why you are the best US sister in the world!!!! ^^ <3 <3 <3

  15. Happy Birthday, Patri!
    What a sweet friend you are to set this all up! I hope you both have a great day! :)

  16. Happy Birthday, Patri :) Hope it's a great day!

  17. Have a great 22nd birthday Patri!!!!

  18. Happy birthday Patri! I hope your day is super special. Enjoy turning 22! :)

  19. Happy Birthday!!! :)

  20. Happy Birthday !!!! Hope all is good for you on your special day!

  21. Happy Birthday Patri!

  22. Happy birthday Patri! I hope you get lots of cake and presents!

  23. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and year.

  24. Happy Birthday, Patri! May you have a wonderful year.


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