The Passions of Dr. Darcy

Title: The Passions of Dr. Darcy
Series: The Darcy Saga
Author: Sharon Lathan
Pages: 432
Acquired: NetGalley for review
Goodreads Rating: 4.82
Published: 04/02/13
My Rating: 5.0

Goodreads Synopsis:

George Darcy is the second son of a wealthy landowner in Georgian Era England and, at 22, is considered to be a brilliant, rising star in England's field of medicine. Dr. Darcy refuses the easy, comfortable pathway and enlists as a physician with the British East India Company, embarking on a personal quest, where he strives to change the face of medicine while yearning to fill the void left within his soul. His search for family, enduring love, and lost companionship is a quest not wholly realized until his return to England and Pemberley. There's a new generation of family and friends that will heal the physician, and to his greatest surprise, the true love of his life awaits.

My Thoughts: Anyone who knows me personally knows how big of a Pride and Prejudice fan I am. A few years back I discovered Jane Austen Fan Fiction and till this day I will do anything I can go get myself a copy of one. This series is a P&P continuation and the story leaves off where the original P&P ended. I have been a fan of these series for many years now and couldn't wait until this book came out.

What I liked: Everything! The humor, the love, the friendships and the family of course. And as a nursing student I loved the medical references.

What I didn't like: Not being able to correctly say the Indian words.


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