Review: Miss Chatterley Part IV: Spent - by Logan Belle

Title: Spent
Series: Miss Chatterley Part IV
Author: Logan Belle
Published: 06.03.13
Pages: 80
Acquired: Edelweiss
Goodreads Rating: 3.73
My Rating: 4.5

Amazon Synopsis:
Torn between love and sex. By the time Connie decides, it could be too late.
Connie would do anything to repair the damage done by her affair with Mellors and go back to the way things were with Cliff. But with the truth of her betrayal exposed, and Ivy and Dukes exploiting the breakup, Cliff is driven to cast out Connie—and sell out to Silicon Valley. Is it really too late for a happily ever after with Cliff? Connie’s next move could change everything in this shocking finale.

My Review:
I will have to say that this was my favorite part by far. There were so many elements rolled up into one, with even the side characters having a significant role. And let me just say one thing: there is a steamy 3-some scene in this book that I was not expecting but in the end was glad it was there. But I won't tell you which characters it involves. You guys will have to buy the book to find out.

In this installment Connie has finally made up her mind that she needs to once and for all end things with Mellors. But with Ivy working against her will it be too late? Will Cliff stay in the dark regarding Connie's indiscretion or will he find out? What will happen with the future of Chatterbox?

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed this series so much was the fact that Connie's and Cliff's relationship was not perfect. They were faced with REAL challenges and situations that many couples today face. Love is not perfect and it does not always end with a happy ending. True relationship take work with both members making sacrifices. Sometimes instead of wanting more in life, the bigger house, the nicer car, the better vacatoin. We need to just focus on the things that bring us true happiness! This is what The Miss Chatterley Series is all about.

And can i just say the way Logan Belle ended his series was just AMAZING! It was so beautiful and unexpected and it actually made me shed a tear or two (okay more like 10). 

If you guys haven't already picked this up. I really suggest you do! Start with the first part it's only 99cents! And I guarantee you you will like it :) 

A big thank you to Edelweiss, Pocket Star books and Logan Belle for the opportunity to read and review this series! 


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