One of my favorite things about reading books is sharing them and discussing them
with friends who also enjoy reading books. So after reading Ink, Pati, Rosa and I 
came up with 5 questions that we asked each other about our thoughts of the book.
Here are the 5 questions that I asked Pati and Roa and their answers.
Go to their blog The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club to read the questions
they asked me and my answers.

1)   I struggled with the Japanese words at first and it slowed down my reading. Did you guys have the same issue?
Yes, it was kind of weird at first. We are not used to read books set in Japan and there were a lot of words we didn’t know in Japanese. However, with the plot and the action going on in the chapter we could get an idea of what it was.
We were glad to see we had an amazing glossary at the end of the book! =)

2)   What was your immediate reaction when your read about the pregnant woman in the picture moving?
Well, we were really disappointed. We knew that Tomohiro was supposed to be in our Unofficial Teams, so we were expecting to love him right away. However, we felt a little bit adamant about this. I mean, a guy who cheats? Not in our Unofficial Teams for sure!
We were relieved when we found out more about the pregnant girl.

3)   Pictures in the book? Did you like them? (I can't wait to see them in the book)
Who doesn’t? We are totally in love with them! The horse is so cute… We would love to be able to draw like that, not to talk about being able of doing what Tomo can do. Without the risky part and the maybe we may die situation.

4)   Random question: Katie goes to a Karaoke bar with her friends. Do you like to karaoke?
Does it count singing in our house with the SingStar? I think we don’t agree in this one for the first time.
Patricia: I’d love to go to a karaoke. Every time I try to plan it with some friends they just chicken out! I think I’d probably chicken out there, but at least I try! Haha.
Rosa: I don’t like to sing when people are looking at me, so probably if it’s just friends, maybe. Don’t know. I’ve never tried it, either.

5)   I don't want to give away the big surprise about Tomohiro's secret for our readers. But where you guys as shocked as I was?

We were expecting something like that. Maybe not something as big as Tomohiro is, but something a little less shocking, yes.
We knew that something was going on with Tomohiro, because of the description of the book. Although we didn’t know it would be as big as what Tomo is. I mean, it’s not something we usually read about, so we got caught in that one.

Who is your go to person to discuss books with? Do you write 
reviews or follow them on Goodreads?

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  1. I don't really have anyone I can talk with about the books I love to read. This is one reason I was so excited to discover Goodreads. Now I am a member of groups that enjoy reading many of the same types of books I read, and I love participating in the monthly group read discussions and challenges.

    The only real-life person I really talk to about books is my mother. Occasionally I'll read or see a book that I think she'd enjoy. I've hooked her on a few new-to-her series in the cozy mystery genre she enjoys.

    As for reviews on Goodreads, I like to see what others think of books I either want to read or have already read - sometimes reading others' reviews/thoughts will help me clarify my own thoughts on a book I've finished. I write reviews for every book I read and plan to eventually update the rest of the books I've read over the years with reviews, too. :-)

  2. I talk to my best friend Allye, because she also loves to read. Sometimes I rant to my sister but I have a feeling she doesn't really listen...I also like to rate books on Goodreads.

  3. I liked posting comments on Goodreads and seeing others opinions on there. Other then that, I guess my Mom would be the one whom I talk to about books.

  4. My go to person to discuss books is my best friend. We share same tastes in books so she's the best person I can find to discuss books! Yes I do write reviews on goodreads and soon plan to write them on my blog Notorious Reads as well!

  5. I basically talk books with book bloggers even though I don't have a blog of my own. Some bloggers know me through comments, and that's always awesome:)

  6. I have to say that I talk about books is with one of my BFF's and talk to her about that like everyday

  7. I actually had a senior friend at school with whom i used to discuss books but after she graduated i didn't really have any friends with whom to discuss books i read with (we all discussed but on different genres not the same ones) but reviewing books on my blog and goodreads offered me a outlet of making new friends aside from the ones i already had and discuss the same books and not feel awkward at all.

  8. My go to person to discuss books with is my best friend...as soon as I finish a book I'm usually e-mailing her about it with all my feels and ships and just everything! I don't write reviews...I don't think I can express my thought coherently enough to write them but when I finish a book I tend to go and read a lot of different reviews on goodreads to see other peoples thoughts...

  9. I have friends online that are big bookworms such as I am, and we read the same books, so I talk about books with them daily. I occasionally talk about book to everyone (which annoys them) as well. Haha!

  10. I post my comments and reviews on Goodreads and tumblr. Not many people reply, but it makes me happen to get my thoughts out in the open. I hope I can do it here too.

  11. I don't have a go to person when I finish a book. I just write my thoughts down, which I also use later on when I review the book.

  12. My friend Farnia is definitnely my book 'confidante'. We discuss books all the time. I tell her what I loved about a book, what I didn't really love about it and we recommend books all the time too. We would discuss books for hours and hours, it's really fun! :)


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