HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Where I've been and a GIVEAWAY! =D

Hello to all my book lovers and friends out there
It feels so good to be back! 
I've missed every single one of you!

First of all Happy 2015! 

In case you were wondering where I've been,
I have been away due to happy news.

Well long story short, my sister got engaged the second
week of October and decided to have a NYE wedding. 
Btw I mean a NYE 2014 wedding. That was less than
9 weeks to plan not only a wedding, but a bridal shower
and bachlorette party too. 

Somehow we pulled it off and it was the most amazing
experience of my life to date. It is so amazing to see my 
sister so happy and I am absolutely thrilled for her. 

I have to say a big thank you to my friend and sister Patricia over at The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club. She has been keeping The Fantastic Flying Book Club alive. She has been on her own in the running of The FFBC since October and I am beyond thankful to her. 

But enough of the mussy stuff back to why we are all here BOOKS!

Unfortunately for me 2014 was not a GREAT year in reading, but an 
amazing one for my personal life. I passed my Nursing boards,
started a job that I still love, and my sister got married. So I completely
failed my Goodreads yearly challenge. 

Even though I do have another big even coming up (I'm apartment
hunting), I am determined to make 2015 a better year in reading.
In order to do that I have made myself some 2015 goals.

1- Write reviews right after reading the book! Currently I have about 
20 (+) books in my currently reading pile on Goodreads. But majority of those
are books I have read and have yet to right the review! So I am hoping if I make myself
right reviews before moving on to another book this will allow me to stay up to date.

2- Finish series that I already own that I have not completed: This year I really want to make a dent in my TBR pile. I have TONS of books that I own that I have not read. And many of them are completed series! So 2015 will be dedicated to finishing those up. 

3- Read more ARCs before release date: I really need to get my percentages on Netgalley and Edelweiss up! 

4 - Plan more giveaways!  Okay this one is more for you guys then for me, but 
I definetly want to do more giveaways on my blog. I have so many blessings in my life and I really want to pay it forward!

And what better way to start then NOW!

So far in 2015 I have attended 2 book signings and they both happen to be 
signings for PIERCE BROWN and the sequel to Red Rising - Golden Son.

My friend Lisa over at The Consummate Reader  went down to The Book Soup for Pierce's 
Release party. The place was awesome and it was packed. I don't think the book store was
anticipating that many people to come, so they didn't have any copies of Red Rising left and I needed to pick up a few.

So Lisa and I decided to head down to the new Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego to see Pierce again yesterday and I called head to make sure they put enough copies of hold for me!

So of course I HAD to pick one up for you guys!

So friends here is my first giveaway of the year!


Win 1 autographed PB of Red Rising by Pierce Brown!
Open INT
Ends: 01/18/15
All entries will be checked! 

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  1. My 2015 reading goal is to read 65 books this year!! So happy you're back, we all missed you!

  2. My 2015 reading goal is to read more than 72 books (2014 goal) and more indie authors.

    Thanks for the chance.

  3. I'm not really a numbers person but I hope to find and read some of the best new books available in the coming year as well as a classic or two. Have a great 2015 everyone!

  4. The last couple of years, I've done about 2 1/2 books per week - almost 1 audio book per week plus a little over 1 physical / e-book. SO ... set my goal for 130. BUT won't lose sleep if I don't make it providing the stuff I DO read is quality material (or I actually get something WRITTEN).

  5. Welcome back, you have indeed been missed!! <3

    My 2015 reading goal is 150 books.

  6. My 2015 goal is to read 50 Books! And, then to exceed my goal!

  7. At the moment, I have challenged myself to read 200.

  8. My reading goal for this year is to read 50 books, or maybe more! :)
    -Cindy C.

  9. I'm not worried about the number because I probably read way too much as it is. Each month this year I want to try to knock out another YA series or trilogy, read/review a book that I've won, keep up with my new releases by favorite authors, and read some of the books I "just had to buy" but never got around to reading. I also want to read at least 4-5 classics this year. So, I guess my biggest goal is to finally read books I've either won or bought. Thanks! :)

  10. My ultimate 2015 goal is to read more books especially all my physical books.

  11. I have university this year so I challenge myself to read at lest 50 books. Thank you for the international giveaway :)

  12. ^^ manage to read and review at least one vbook per week and manage my time better so i can craft and read without excluding one or the other
    thank you and i hope you have a fantastic year 2015 ( reading and otherwise)

  13. My 2015 reading goals is to read at least 25 books ;)

  14. My 2015 reading goal is to read 50 books :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Read more and more and buy more and more :)

  16. My Goodreads 2015 reading goals are 125 books. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  17. My Goodreads 2015 reading goal is 70 books. Personally 10 new author books. 5 series of at least 4 books. 5 trilogies. 20 stand alone novels. And 5 of my choice. All dystopian typed classification. Great giveaway btw.

  18. I'm planning to read (or surpass) 75 books this year.

    P.S Awesome! I'm a reading nurse too. ;)

  19. I have two goals for the year: Read at least 100 books, and read 50 off my TBR pile (y'know, those that you've had for a couple of months, or longer sadly, but never quite got around to reading).

  20. My reading goal is 50 books but hopefully more... not a lot of time now a days but I really miss reading though. Great giveaway.

  21. 60 books ad reading my arcs on time

  22. Read at least 30 books.,

  23. I'm hoping to complete a few reading challenges and diversify my genres.

  24. My 2015 goal is to read more than 75 books that I've read in 2014.
    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  25. My 2015 reading goal is to read 50 books and read all the books I plan to read this year! :)

  26. My goal is to read 100 books. This will be the first year that I have kept track so we'll see how close I come.

  27. Congratulations to your sister and glad that you're back! Happy new year!

    Style Reader

  28. My Goodreads 2015 reading goal is 70 books. Personally 10 new author books. 5 series of at least 4 books. 5 trilogies. 20 stand alone novels. And 5 of my choice. All dystopian typed classification. Great giveaway btw.
    Thẻ Điện Thoại


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