Interview with Gabriel from Lailah by Nikki Kelly


Basic Info/facts on both – Characteristics? Age? Etc – Basic Profile info
Gabriel: Angel Descendant—Angel of death
Status: Rogue
Physical Features: Blond hair, blue eyes, deep set dimples, a wide smile, 6foot
Attributes: Loving, protective, determined, at times lost, and somewhat mysterious

Ideal First Date?
Gabe: A very simple one. Midnight walk under the stars, talking.

Worst Job you have ever had?
Gabe: I have never ‘worked’ in a job on Earth. I have a business partner, but that relationship doesn’t require any actual labor of any kind.

Favorite Song:
Gabe: Elton John — Candle in the wind

Favorite Movie:
Gabe: I’ve never had time to watch any films; my time has been entirely focused elsewhere…

How long do you wait for the 1st kiss?
Gabe: In the same way a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, he doesn’t share timescales!

This or That:
  1. Dogs or Cats?
    1. Gabe: Both

  2. Walks on the beach or hiking in the mountains?
    1. Gabe: Walk on the beach
  3. Flowers or Candy?
    1. Gabe: Flowers
  4. Rock Concert or the Symphony?
    1. Gabe: Symphony
  5. Boxers or Briefs:
    1. Gabe: Boxers
And Lastly, Why should readers be on your team?
Gabe: Stand by my side, let my light spread across your skin, and tell me that you don’t want to be on my team.


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