Book Blitz - Love Finds a Way Box Set

LOVE FINDS A WAY Boxed Set—Release date: April 29, 2014

Four unconventional love stories from popular and best-selling

romance authors, all with sequels from Turquoise Morning Press

Length: Four full-length novels, Boxed Set

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

ISBN: 978-1-62237-291-1

Ebook Price: $0.99 (Special Promotional Price)

 Hey Everyone!
Today I am sharing with you a new e-book box set that was released today,
featuring 4 authors. I have only read one of these books BRING ME BACK
by the wonderful Karen Booth and I absolutely adored it.  
Read my Review for Bring Me Back
and the sequel Back For Ever    HERE


BRING ME BACK by Karen Booth


Claire Abby was a starry-eyed teenager when she fantasized that British rock star Christopher Penman was her boyfriend. More than twenty years later, she's about to fall in love with him for real.


Fast-paced, sexy and altogether irresistible. A flat-out fabulous read!”–New York Times Bestselling author Celia Rivenbark


“Ms. Booth has hit a home run with this riveting story that’s full of life, trials and tribulations, joy, but most of all, love.”–5 stars and a recommended read, BlackRaven’s Reviews


“If you are a fan of drama, humor and heart with a wonderful blend of bittersweet and delicious sensuality, then you need to read Bring Me Back. I’ve added it to my absolute favorites, the ones I curl up with when I’m down and need to remember to love and laugh and believe in magic.”–5 Stars, The Book Tart


Included on the Top Ten Romances of All Time list by Patience Bloom from Harlequin.


An All-Romance bestseller.


Karen Booth is a Midwestern girl transplanted in the South, raised on 80s music, Judy Blume, and the films of John Hughes. A former music industry exec, she loves to write about the world of backstage passes and band dynamics.


CONTENTMENT by Margaret Ethridge


Fifteen years after saying, “I do”, Tracy Sullivan feels lost in a tangle of marriage, family, home, and career. Poised on the verge of losing it all, she embarks on a quest to redefine her life. With the help of a few good friends and the enduring love of her husband, she discovers that while happiness is fleeting, contentment can last a lifetime.


The story is honest, well told, and so sweet. I loved it.” –5 stars, Amazon bestselling author Jennifer Johnson


You'll want that Hollywood ending that never happens in real life. What you will get a story that is so true to real life that it'll make your stomach twist and your heart hammer.” –5 stars, Another Look Book Reviews


“This is story-telling at its best.” –5 stars, Amazon customer review


Have you not read Margaret Ethridge? Hop to it! Although she is a new author, her work is consistently intriguing, even while writing different romantic genres.” –Booking It


Margaret Ethridge is the Amazon bestselling author whose stories of life and love have made her a fan favorite and a Booksellers Best finalist.


MEANT TO BE by Karen Stivali


Sometimes you're already committed to the wrong person when fate finally brings you the right one. Daniel and Marienne's friendship has helped them weather every hardship---now they're both secretly wondering if it can survive a first kiss.


Best Books of 2012 Literati Literature Lovers (Meant To Be and its sequel Holding On)


Books That Rocked My World 2012 - Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews (Meant To Be and its sequel Holding On)


Meant To Be is simply an amazing story that is heartwarming and genuine, it is one that will make you believe in soul mates.” –5 stars, Jersey Girl Book Reviews


If you're looking for engaging, soulful characters, enough drama to take you through a myriad of emotions that entail everything from laughter to anger to crying, and enough passion to make you sizzle in all the right places, then Meant To Be is the book to read.” –5 stars and a Recommended Read, BlackRaven's Book Reviews


Karen Stivali is a multiple award-winning author of contemporary and erotic romance. She writes novels about real life, only hotter.


′TIL ST. PATRICK’S DAY by Holly Gilliatt


Over the course of one winter, three best friends encounter what happens when love doesn’t go according to plan.


“With the author's ease of putting words on paper, the story flows through your mind, connecting on a deep emotional level. You will find yourself hoping, gasping, shedding a tear or two and smiling with happiness as the story unfolds.” –Literati Book Reviews


“Gilliatt creates characters who you connect with… The reader is placed in the middle of these three women’s lives; you experience their ups, their downs and their own journey of self-discovery.” –


“The main theme of this novel was friendship, but it’s followed very closely by love—and not just romantic love. …It’s fantastic.” –5 stars, Pink Fluffy Hearts


Holly Gilliatt writes funny, heartwarming tales of love and friendship. She is the author of two published novels with a third due out in July.




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