First off I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the new comers to this blog. Thanks to all of you I officially hit over 100 followers on BlogLovin in less than 1 week! That is great news that just  makes me jump over the moon with appreciation for all of you!  I have to give a special thank you to 3 special ladies with two incredible blogs that have given me tremendous support and have helped get the word out about my blog and the giveaways I have been posting! They also happen to be from two countries that top my "I wish I could visit" list, which makes them that much cooler! So this special thank you goes to Sarah Elizabeth at Sarah Elizabeth's Bookshelf and Rosa and Patricia at The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club! So make sure you guys check them out! :)

A second thank you has to go to 2 of my best friends who I have mentioned a few times on here Viv and Amber. Who have been my fellow book loving addicts. We have been to many book events together and have spend countless hours and text messages sharing our passion for books.  (Text 123445 about Clockwork Princess! OH MY GOD THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!!)  They both accompanied me to the San Diego book signing where I was able to get all of the books signed for my latest giveaway!

Giveaway News!

So a lot of you have been asking, and just to clarify.  YES THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!

I recently took a sneak peak on the rafflecopter entries list and I just wanted to make a quick reminder. The only requirement for the giveaway is to tfollow me on BlogLovin. And there are a few of you that had selected that they are following but are not showing up on my follwers list. For those of you that may not be familiar with how to do this, you must click on the BlogLovin Icon that is directly on the right side of the blog. Please go ahead and do so, if you have not already!

That it is for now guys! I will be coming to you shortly with a TBR for next week probably later on tonight! Hope everyone is having a great week! 


  1. You are the best! It is absolutely my pleasure! I would follow you to a book signing it anywhere! Love you and can't wait for the next one!

  2. oooh! thank you so much! we are glad we have found a book lover like you! we are glad to help you in every way you need.
    You know we are going to be talking about your giveaway via twitter until the end of it!!

    Wish you the best!

    Your Book Addicts friends,

    Patricia & Rosa

  3. Has the giveaway ended? coz I can't see the rafflecopter...


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