Miss Chatterley Part 1: Hungry - Review

Title: Hungry
Series: Miss Chatterley: Part 1
Author: Logan Belle
Published: May 13, 2013
Pages: 80
Acquired: Edelweiss
Goodreads Rating: 3.86
My Rating: 4.0

Goodreads Synopsis:

"A modern-day retelling of D.H. Lawrence’s controversial early 20th century tale Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Belle sets her story in Palo Alto, California where Connie Chatterley is torn between marrying her tech genius boyfriend or giving him up for a fling with a masculine, muscular fitness coach.”

- – RT book reviews, THE BOOKS BEFORE THE BUZZ

I was received this book by the publisher on Edelweiss and after reading the synopsis for Part I,  I was eager to give this book a chance. This series is divided to 4 parts, each part being 80 pages long. This story is about a girl named Connie who is graduated from college and has just gotten  accepted to the grad school of her dreams. She had an amazing boyfriends who she shares an apt with. He is an entrepeuner who is being called the next Mark Zuckerberg. Her life is perfect and she is about to have the perfect graduation party.  Then everything comes to a hault, when Cliff her boyfriends tells her that he wants to move his company to CA and he wants her to go with her. She is torn between being the supportive girlfriends and living out her dream of going to Grad School in New York. And being the supportive girlfriend that she is she chooses to accompany Cliff out to California. 

A few months down the line, they are living in California, and Cliff becomes extremely busy and barely has time to spend with Connie. Their relationship starts suffereing in every sense of the word, and Connie struggles to make her own life in California. After spending hours bored each day, she starts going to the gym adn meets a Crossfit trainer who awakens the passion in her life that she's missing. But this new found passion for Crossfit and working out, also leads to passion for the coach that is training her, which will end up rocking Connie's world.

What I liked: I enjoyed watching the stuggle Connie felt day to day of being a good girlfriend and being true to herself and her own needs. I think many women can relate to this struggle each day. This story also had interesting side characters and side stories that made the story come to life. Yes there are also some great sex scenes and Part I, ends at a HUGE cliffhanger. 

DON'T MISS PART II: DIRTY - 05/20/2013


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