My Roomies Story + GIVEAWAY

My Roomies Story!

What do you get when you grow up with 2 sisters 6 years apart from one another that are both Virgos, both type A personalities and both POLAR opposites, and must share a room? A COMPLETE DISASTER! 

I loved having an older sister, don't get me wrong. I still do. She's my best friend and biggest confidant. 
But when you put us both together for too long, even till this day we are bound to butt heads.

Rewind 23 years  back to the year my parents realized that we could never share a room. 
When I was 6 and my sister was 12 years old, we had to downsize to a smaller apt and my parents thought it would be okay to share a room. Everything that you could imagine could go wrong did. Especially when it came down to night time rituals. You see I was an avid reader since I was very young, boy did I love my library books! And at night before sleep like any bibliophile I liked to read my books! My sister one the 
other hand liked to watch her TV shows with the lights off. I turned the lights on, she turned them off and this process would continue as a night time ritual for a while. 

Our night time battles continued to the day time, when my sister, taking a page from some movie decided 
that she was would take a long piece of tape and divide the room down in half. But what her 12 year old brain knew that my 6 year old one could not yet comprehend, was that the light switch was on HER SIDE of the room, so there went my night time reading. After laughing their butts off for a while, my parents decided enough was enough! And here came DAD to the rescue. You see all we really needed was a way for us to be both get what we wanted. So my Dad went and bought me a book light! Which for a 6 year old girl was the coolest invention ever. So my sister was able to watch her shows in the dark, and I was able to read before sleep. And I am happy to say, the line ended up coming down . 

If you enjoyed my story, let me tell you a little about another roommate story! 

The countdown to college has begun.

When Elizabeth receives her freshman-year roommate assignment at the beginning of summer, she shoots off an email to coordinate the basics: TV, microwave, mini-fridge. She can't wait to escape her New Jersey beach town, and her mom, and start life over in California.

The first note to Lauren in San Francisco comes as a surprise; she had requested a single. But if Lauren's learned anything from being the oldest of six, it's that you can't always get what you want, especially when what you want is privacy.

Soon the girls are emailing back and forth, sharing secrets even though they've never met. With family relationships and childhood friendships strained by change, it suddenly seems that the only people Elizabeth and Lauren can rely on are the complicated new boys in their lives...and each other.

With humor and heart, Sara Zarr, National Book Award finalist for Story of a Girl, and Tara Altebrando, acclaimed author of The Pursuit of Happiness, join forces for a novel about that time after high school, when everything feels like it's ending just as it's beginning.

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  • January 12, 2014 – New York, NY: McNally Jackson [venue link]
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  1. Well, I only had a roomie so to speak in college. I loved sharing a room with her, except when I had studying to do and instead I went to the college study hall/canteen. She would fuss because I was not studying the way she thought that I should. And she even whined or she wouldn't even talk to me until I would study the way she thought I should.. wow.. my parents didn't even do this. But other than that she was great to be around.

  2. I had a town house with one of my ex best friends and she moved her boyfriend in who I did not get along with and he stole money from me plus he was not contributing to any of the bills. I felt like if she was going to insist he move in we should split the bills 3 ways.Not to mention they were both complete slobs and wanted to party all the time. Ugh.

  3. I have a younger sister and we shared a room for nine years. We drove a our parents nutz with our fighting because we were so different. Finally when my parents build our current home the gave us separate bedrooms. The funny thing was that after awhile we ended up sleeping in the same room again.

  4. what about share for years a room with your husband and don't have any relationship with him? =P

  5. (This is Darith L.)

    My story is still to be determined since I am still living with a roomie at the university! It's pretty cool I guess. He plays a lot of League of Legends, so I have to deal with the rapid clicking of the keyboard and mouse. Other than that, we repect each other's space and sleeping habits. I tend to stay up a bit. Need to work on that.

  6. I've been lucky. I've always had great roommates. Some of the best people I've met. :)

  7. I've never had a room mate!! The closest I've come is my husband and he's GREAT having sleepovers with!!

  8. I've never had a roommate, but I've always wondered what it'd be like to have one... I'm not the most social person though. :(

  9. My second semester, I had a really great roommate and we are still friends today :)


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