My First Trip Abroad

Hello Everyone! 
So some of you may know that I am going out of 
the states for the first time. As of 11:30pm tonight I will be 
leaving the country until January 1st. 

This trip is my graduation present from my sister, since as 
of December 16th, I graduated nursing school. I still have to 
study and take my boards to officially get my license, 
but it feels surreal that this portion of my life is now complete. 

So I will be spending the next 10 days in

So please excuse the short absence. 
But since I have a long trip ahead of me, with NO SCHOOL,
I should have tons of reviews for you guys when I get back

Also don't forget to stop by Monday to see my review of Sunshine and Sun Poisoned by Nikki Rae
and to find out the winners of the giveaway! 

So I am challenging myself to read 10 books
With two 12 hour flights I think I can safely cut down half of them :)

Anyways I wish you all a wonderful holiday season! What are your plans for the holidays, what do you plan to read?  
I would love to know :) 


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