Review: Too Fast by Alexia Haynes

Title: Too Fast
Author: Alexia Haynes
Pages: 145
Published: 07.18.13
Acquired: NetGalley
Genre:  New Adult
Goodreads Rating: 3.69
My Rating:  3.5


Goodreads Synopsis: 

Twenty-year-old Savannah enjoys a one-time one-night stand because a real relationship would never fit into her busy schedule. Working two jobs and pursuing her degree takes all of her time. Besides, the guys she has dated haven't been much better than the random barfly.

It's a good thing Luke's body is honed by the long hours of carpentry and construction because he carries the weight of his family on his shoulders. School hasn't been an option for him since he dropped out to make the house payments his mother had failed to make. 

Luke finds what he's been longing for in a night with Savannah. She's determined to stop with a one-night stand, but he wants more. Neither can deny the perfection of their passionate interludes, but with such imperfect lives, do they have any chance for a future together? Suddenly she's losing her heart and it's all happening much too fast.

Not recommended for readers under age 18 due to language and sexual content.

My Review:

Savannah is a modern college student. She has lived her life watching her mom get into one unhappy marriage after another, each richer than the last. Savannah does not want to follow the footsteps of her mother and is determined to make something of herself. She works two jobs while supporting herself through school. Her busy schedule does not leave time open for a relationship. But just like any other woman in her 20s Savannah has needs that her B.O.B can not provide. So she makes a bold decision to go out and bring home a one night stand. But the man she takes home ends up being someone she can not get out her mind.

Luke, like Savannah, is also not a regular young adult. Instead of worrying about college and chasing after woman, Luke has larger responsibilities on this shoulders. After his father left his family, Luke has been responsible for taking care of his 15 year old younger sister, and his mentally ill mother. While most guys his age are dating countless woman and just figuring out what they want to do with their lives, Luke has mortgage payments and college tuition for his sister on his plate. Luke has been completely selfless his entire adult life. But after he meets Savannah he decides it's time to make his own needs a priority. But will allowing Savannah into his life interfere with his promise to always take care of his sister?

This was just one of those stories, that seem to really intriguing me now a days. For some reason the only books that have been catching my attention lately, are the ones about two individuals fighting through obstacles to be together. I really enjoyed this story. It was short and sweet and exactly what I needed. I picked this book up early yesterday morning and had it finished by the afternoon. If you're looking for a heavy plot and intricate character development, this may not be the book for you. But if you're looking for a good story that keep you entertained for a few hours, than I recommend this book to you. 

I'm looking forward to reading more about Savnannah's best friend Sophie, in her book called Too Loud, which is scheduled to come out in 2014.


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